Legacy Honoree Award

The Legacy Honoree Award stands as a beacon of recognition for individuals who have exemplified extraordinary dedication and support for the Grand Island Soccer Club over the span of many years. This prestigious award, considered the highest honor bestowed by our club, is a testament to the profound and lasting impact these individuals have made.

To be eligible for the Legacy Honoree Award, nominees must have dedicated a minimum of 10 years to the Grand Island Soccer Club. Through their extensive involvement in various capacities—whether it be coaching, board participation, fundraising, clinics, age group coordination, representation in local, regional, or state meetings, or other forms of invaluable assistance—these individuals have left an indelible mark on the fabric of our soccer community.

Their commitment extends far beyond the soccer field. These Legacy Honorees have not only contributed countless hours towards the betterment of the club but have become integral architects of its growth and success. Their enduring legacy is woven into the very fabric of Grand Island Soccer Club, shaping the experiences of players, coaches, and families alike.

As we bestow the Legacy Honoree Award upon these exceptional individuals, we pay tribute to their unwavering dedication and the profound impact they’ve had on the Grand Island Soccer Club. Join us in extending our heartfelt congratulations to these well-deserving recipients for their decades of service and commitment to the beautiful game.


2022 – Bethany Bernatovicz
2016 – Rom Figler
2015 – Mark and Sherry Schimley
2014 – Ray Billica
2012 – John Gorton
2011 – Charlie Burngasser
2010 – Bill Waddington
2009 – Clive Roughsedge