John A. Koller & Richard E. Jones Memorial Scholarship

Every year, the Grand Island Soccer Club Board of Directors eagerly awaits applications from high school seniors, casting their votes to select up to four deserving individuals for scholarships, each valued at up to $600.

Our scholarship program seeks out exceptional candidates who have demonstrated commitment and passion by actively participating in various capacities within the Grand Island Soccer Club. Whether as dedicated volunteers, program facilitators, coaches, or referees, these individuals have left an indelible mark on our community.

The application process kicks off in the spring of each school year when interested high school seniors can find the necessary forms within the Grand Island High School scholarship packets. We encourage eligible candidates to seize this opportunity to showcase their dedication to soccer and community involvement.

The recipients of these prestigious scholarships are then proudly announced at the high school graduation ceremony, marking not only their academic achievements but also their significant contributions to the Grand Island Soccer Club.

We are immensely proud of our scholarship recipients, whose passion and hard work embody the spirit of Grand Island soccer. Join us in celebrating these outstanding individuals and their invaluable contributions to our beloved soccer community.

Grand Island Soccer Club Scholarship Recipients:

2023 – Marcus Tittle
2022 – Jacob Jayme and Tom Banas
2020 – Kira Hutton, Colby Kalp, Joshua Kam, Mikayla Robinson, and Sean Rustowicz
2019 – Maria Sciortino and William Soos
2018 – Tyler Berntovicz, Nick Cam, Daniel Fabiano, and Conner Hutton
2017 – Lou Fabiano and Garrett Robinson
2016 – Claire Ahne and Eric Albrecht
2015 – Carly Bernatovicz, Justin Figler, Connor Harrigan, Colin Osborn, and Drew Pitts
2014 – Kurtis Johnson, Brentyn Mendel, and James Osborn
2013 – Lydia Bernatovicz, Jacob Dixon, Dalton Pitts, and James Rustowicz
2012 – Jessica Bamberg, Jenna Lee, Jodi Lee, and Dominic Morrell
2011 – Nicholas Masiello, Ariana Mendel, Jessica Osvath, Alaina Pariso, and Sara Victor
2010 – Jeremy Figler, Joseph Fischer, and Anthony Grande
2009 – Maria Buyer, Samantha Forysinski, and Jenna Hutzler