Summer Camp

Embark on a four-day soccer adventure at Grand Island Soccer Club’s Summer Camp, featuring both a Soccer Camp and a Goalkeeper Camp tailored to your player’s interests. Designed for all skill levels, our camp offers a fun learning environment with dedicated instructors committed to positive experiences.

Key Features:

What to Expect:

At the heart of our program is the perfect blend of four days filled with fun and skill-building activities. We’ve crafted an environment where young players not only enjoy the game but also master its fundamentals. Our dedicated instructors focus on age-appropriate skill development, ensuring a strong foundation in technical, tactical, physical, and psychological aspects of the game.

Why Choose Our Camp:

  • Fun learning environment
  • Challenging for all skill levels
  • Positive coaching experiences
  • Soccer experience beyond the field, fostering a love for the sport and igniting a passion for learning in every child.

Join Us for a Soccer-filled Four-Day Summer:

Enroll your child in the Grand Island Soccer Club Summer Camp for a thrilling four-day journey of skill development and a love for the game. Make this summer unforgettable with soccer!

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Ages: 5–15 (co-ed)
Registration: February 1 – June 29
Runs: July 22 – July 25
Time: 9–12:00 p.m.
Location: Veterans Park

Early Bird Cost: $125 by 3/15
Regular Cost: $145 after 3/15
camp t-shirt included

Program details :
Soccer Camp (ages 5–15)
Goalkeeper Camp (ages 9–15)

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Soccer Camp:

Embark on a dynamic four-day soccer adventure with Grand Island Soccer Club’s Summer Soccer Camp. Designed for all skill levels, this program offers engaging activities tailored for skill development. Our dedicated instructors focus on mastering the fundamentals of passing, dribbling, ball control, and shooting. Through age-appropriate games and activities, players learn individual and group attacking and defending principles.

Runs: July 22 – July 25
Time: 9–12:00 p.m.

Goalkeeper Camp:

Calling all aspiring goalkeepers aged 9 to 15! Join the Grand Island Soccer Club’s Goalkeeper Camp for specialized training in catching, footwork, angle play, crosses, breakaways, and more. This individual and small group technical training is crafted to enhance goalkeeping skills. Our camp provides a unique opportunity for goalkeepers to refine their techniques in a supportive and challenging environment. Elevate your game and passion for goalkeeping with us this summer.

Runs: July 22 – July 25
Time: 9–12:00 p.m.