Winter Clinic

At Grand Island Soccer Club’s Winter Soccer Clinic, every child, aged 5-10, will enjoy a dynamic and engaging session! Our unique approach ensures that all players actively participate throughout, gaining valuable touches on the ball. With no formal teams, our players rotate seamlessly through skill-enhancing drills and exciting small-sided games, guided by our dedicated trainers and enthusiastic volunteers.

At the heart of our program is the perfect blend of fun and skill-building activities. We’ve crafted an environment where young players not only enjoy the game but also master its fundamentals.

Join us for a soccer experience that goes beyond the field, fostering a love for the sport and igniting the passion for learning in every child.

Questions? Feel free to send us an email.

We’re seeking volunteers to assist our professional trainers with player organization and logistics during sessions. If interested in volunteering for our Winter Clinic, please indicate so during registration and send us a brief email expressing your interest.

Ages: 5–10 (co-ed)
Registration: November 1 – December 1
Runs: December – February
Location: Veronica E. Connor Middle School Gym

Cost: $85 for 6 sessions
reversible pinnie included

Age-specific program details:
ages 5–6
ages 7–10

* Max of 25 players per session.

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Winter Soccer Clinic (Ages 5-6):

Take part in our specially designed soccer clinic for our youngest players aged 5-6! Engage your child in dynamic sessions where they actively participate, benefiting from more touches on the ball. With no formal teams, players seamlessly rotate through skill-enhancing drills and small-sided games guided by dedicated trainers and volunteers. This program offers an ideal blend of fun and activities, ensuring a joyful environment for learning the fundamentals of the game.

Time: 12–1:00 p.m.
Dates: TBD

* Max of 25 players for this session.

Winter Soccer Clinic (Ages 7-10):

Experience an engaging soccer clinic tailored for players aged 7-10! Every child plays the entire time, enjoying more touches on the ball. Players rotate through drills and small-sided games, all supported by dedicated trainers and volunteers, without the structure of formal teams. This program provides an optimal mix of fun and activities, allowing players to grasp the fundamentals of the game in an enjoyable setting.

Time: 1–2:00 p.m.
Dates: TBD

* Max of 25 players for this session.